On April 12, 2018 the Board of Directors of Chester Valley Little League voted upon and approved the following Code of Conduct/Zero Tolerance Policy. 

Chester Valley Little League “Zero Tolerance Policy”

Chester Valley Little League’s goals are to promote positive behavior among players, coaches, managers, and spectators, to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for the players and to reduce & eliminate violence in our program.

As a parent of a child playing in Chester Valley Little League (CVLL), I agree to the following “Expectation of Conduct” at CVLL games, practices, and all other CVLL related activities:

1)I will respect league officials, fans, coaches, umpires, and players

2)I will respect decisions made by league officials

3)I will not interfere in any way with the playing of the game

4) I will positively support teams in every way possible

5)I will refrain from profanity or display anger that draws attention away from the game

6)I will not demean, intimidate, verbally abuse or threaten any child, coach, umpire or league official

7) I will not confront, argue with or threaten any coach, umpire or league official

8) I will treat competition as a game and keep winning in its proper place

9) I will not criticize officials in any way or show displays of anger with an official’s call

10) I will encourage my child to display good sportsmanship, fair play and appropriate behavior at all times

11) I will support the rules and regulations of Chester Valley Little League

12) I will conduct myself appropriately at all Chester Valley Little League games, practices and activities


The focus of this policy is on behavior. For the purpose of this policy, violence includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

1) Verbal assaults

2) Threats and attempts to intimidate

3) Throwing articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner

4) Aggressive approaches to another individual

5) Attempted or physical striking of another individual

6) Attempts to goad or incite violence in others

7) Vandalism to building or property

8) Racial or ethnic slurs

9) Use of profanity

Any person that commits an offense can be banned from Chester Valley Little League (CVLL) events for the remainder of that season. His/her Child(ren) may also be removed from CVLL for the remainder of that season, subject to a review and determination by the CVLL Board Of Directors.

I further understand that it is an expectation that my child will exhibit exemplary behavior both on and off the field of play and will emphasize good sportsmanship throughout the season. By joining CVLL, Iagree to the terms expressed above and I will, along with all family members, relatives, and friends who attend CVLL related activities, be accountable for my/our actions.


This Code of Conduct is intended to establish a positive framework for all activities of CVLL players and their families both on and off the playing field. It applies at all CVLL fields and those of other leagues we visit in the hopes that a more enjoyable atmosphere will result for all those involved.

Managers and umpires will handle all situations on the playing field in a respectful manner.

Everyone is responsible for obeying these guidelines while at Chester Valley Little League events.

1. Players will not throw or in any other way abuse equipment on the playing field.

2. Players will not use abusive language directed at other players, coaches, or umpires.

3. Players will not argue or protest excessively ball/strike, fair/foul, or out/safe calls by the umpires. One warning will be issued to both player and manager.

4. Players will remain in the dugout at all times unless given permission by the manager or coach to leave:

a. To go to the restroom

b. To warm up to enter the game

6. No tobacco products of any kind, alcohol or drugs are permitted in the dugout or on the playing field during practice or games.


1. Managers and Coaches will not use abusive language directed at other players, coaches, or umpires.

2. Managers and Coaches will not argue or protest excessively ball/strike, fair/foul, or out/safe calls.

3. Managers and Coaches will remain in the dugout at all times when their team is in the field unless time has been granted by one of the umpires. The first or third base coach of the team at bat may not approach an umpire unless time has been called. The umpire has the right not to call time, if he/she desires.

4. Managers and Coaches will see that players remain in the dugout during the game, except to go to the restroom or to warm up to enter the game.

5. All player injuries must be completed on the injury tracking form and submitted to the CVLL Safety Officer. Injury tracking form is located on the CVLL website.

6. Per Little League Rules, no tobacco products, alcohol or drugs are permitted in the dugout or on the field during games or practices.


1. Abusive language directed at players, managers, coaches, umpires or other spectators will not be tolerated.

2. No one other than an official scorer and the scoreboard operator will be allowed behind the backstop behind home plate.

3. The umpires have the authority to have anyone removed from the complex for conduct that is not consistent with the objectives of the league. If the conduct continues after a warning is given (a warning is NOT required), the umpires have the authority to suspend play or to call the game a forfeit, if necessary.
4. Alcohol in any form or illegal drugs are not permitted in any Little League ballpark.


On field incidents will be handled through the managers and game umpiresand if necessary, to the Board of Directors. Team and league related issues go through the manager or the Director of the Division. Any off field issues may be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors via email. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Please visit the CVLL website at:

All complaints/comments must be submitted via email. All issues will be reviewed and responded to. At no time will problems and/or complaints be discussed openly at the playing field in front of our players.


Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to an enjoyable season!

Chester Valley Little League Board of Directors

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