Volunteer Information

Thank you for volunteering your time this spring as either a manager or assistant coach with Chester Valley Little League. In order to serve in either role with CVLL, you will need to complete the following requirements put forth by Little League and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You must comply with all of the following in order to be allowed to coach with Chester Valley. 

1) First Advantage Little League Background Check: 
If you volunteered last year AND filled out the form last season, you only need to complete the Returning Volunteer Form
If you are new to CVLL, you must fill out the New Volunteer Form

The following forms and clearances are good for 5 years from date of completion & do not need to be resubmitted each year. If you have copies from volunteering with GVBL, GVFL, in your child's school or are a teacher just copy and submit to CVLL. 

3) PA State Police  (free)
You'll want to copy down or save "Control Number" and note date of the submission if your request comes back as "Request Under Review" in order to access results at a later date. 

4) If you've lived in PA for more than ten consecutive years: PA Background Check Signature Form (if not, move on to 5)

5) If you've lived anywhere else in the past ten years, register to be fingerprinted here.  Enter code 1KG6ZJ for DHS Volunteer. Cost of the fingerprinting is $22.60. Once registered, you may walk‐in during a location’s posted hours of operation, but scheduling an appointment may lead to lesser/no wait times.

Once you have copies of all forms ready, please submit to either you division director or e-mail directly to Spencer Curtiss, CVLL President at  [email protected]

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